Sunday, June 27, 2010

geTtIng mArrIeD???!!

tomorrow i m going to have public speaking for my BEL class. so in order to avoid my marks going to deduct and effect for my result, i was exuberantly make a research about the motion which going to describe.

after i google that motion,i found out a lot tremendous things about a relationship that we built at younger age..b4 this i just thought wanna know about this because i wanna i ve much more points..instead,what i found out now rather made me think twice about getting married at young,i decide to disagree about the motion.
i m totally disagree about getting married at younger age. first of all would like to say sorry to *izzati my roomate,syafinaz,arina,megat azfar,wan izmeer and also faten my mohd who was my exclazmate before ,as addition,firlee hamzah also :D..*(u guyz already exuberantly to get married b4 age 25 ryte..:P)

somebody who always follow forum and also founds out a lot of tremendous things about relationship..and ve a lots of experience about handling cases about the marriage couple who had to overcome a lots of problem,Karl withakay,stated that,there are a lots of factors that causes which effect marriage at the young age..
what i m trying to focus here is more about the mate..who is the boys itself..

at age 19-21 usually boys still havent not matured yet.they more focussing about used their money to enjoy like spend their time to play psp,spent their time to hang out with their buddies..they totally didnt realised that they have their own responsiblity on their family..there are a lots of the divorce cases among couples who at have the this range of age..

their wife always complain about their husband who like to bust his butt and work hard all day. These days, most young guys wouldn't know a hard day's work if it jumped up and bit them.hooo..boys usually like that isn it..:D

okaylah...wanna stop babbling,my post sound formal huh?
wuu3..btw,hope there are somebody who can notch up something from diz post..
*wish me luck 4 tomowow..=)*

ps:karl withakay is Featured Dating & Relationships Contributor,
Karl is a full time 41 y/o Singer/guitarist/songwriter. He is also a self proclaimed computer geek. He builds, fixes and modifies computers. He is a US Navy, Gulf War Vet. and has worked as a CNA..=)


-wAn- said...

cane ko tau nie wa???

faten muhamad said...

kte ase kte nak kawen umo 25 bkn b4 25..

wAwA said...

wan:of course ar..ko dr form2 ta saba2 na kawen..>.<

wAwA said...

faten:kte taw kmo bwu tuka range umo...
haaaaa...ta ya malu2 k..:P