Sunday, June 27, 2010

geTtIng mArrIeD???!!

tomorrow i m going to have public speaking for my BEL class. so in order to avoid my marks going to deduct and effect for my result, i was exuberantly make a research about the motion which going to describe.

after i google that motion,i found out a lot tremendous things about a relationship that we built at younger age..b4 this i just thought wanna know about this because i wanna i ve much more points..instead,what i found out now rather made me think twice about getting married at young,i decide to disagree about the motion.
i m totally disagree about getting married at younger age. first of all would like to say sorry to *izzati my roomate,syafinaz,arina,megat azfar,wan izmeer and also faten my mohd who was my exclazmate before ,as addition,firlee hamzah also :D..*(u guyz already exuberantly to get married b4 age 25 ryte..:P)

somebody who always follow forum and also founds out a lot of tremendous things about relationship..and ve a lots of experience about handling cases about the marriage couple who had to overcome a lots of problem,Karl withakay,stated that,there are a lots of factors that causes which effect marriage at the young age..
what i m trying to focus here is more about the mate..who is the boys itself..

at age 19-21 usually boys still havent not matured yet.they more focussing about used their money to enjoy like spend their time to play psp,spent their time to hang out with their buddies..they totally didnt realised that they have their own responsiblity on their family..there are a lots of the divorce cases among couples who at have the this range of age..

their wife always complain about their husband who like to bust his butt and work hard all day. These days, most young guys wouldn't know a hard day's work if it jumped up and bit them.hooo..boys usually like that isn it..:D

okaylah...wanna stop babbling,my post sound formal huh?
wuu3..btw,hope there are somebody who can notch up something from diz post..
*wish me luck 4 tomowow..=)*

ps:karl withakay is Featured Dating & Relationships Contributor,
Karl is a full time 41 y/o Singer/guitarist/songwriter. He is also a self proclaimed computer geek. He builds, fixes and modifies computers. He is a US Navy, Gulf War Vet. and has worked as a CNA..=)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


this post is speacially created for my roomates..there are some of things that can be shared together..(act saje je  na buat diaorang fames sikit kan kat my blog..:P)
first of all..

my first roomate is..azizah or her commercial name given by izzati..jeje..
jeje is my clazmate merangkap penghuni katil yg tdo bwah my katil..dy garang..kadang2 blur..=.='...tiap2 pg bf dy akan kol..act..dat kol tu la yg jd alarm 4 pghuni bilik m10303 ni...every morning lahh akan dgq bunyi...."tiba2".....(me tataw pe lagu ringtone dy,tp lebih kurang camtulahh...:-X)sampe an,she not allowed to change her ringtone bcoz we already habituate ourself ngn dat ringtone to wake up every morning..:D

ain is my second roomate...still havent any saintific name but going to have it soon..
such as strict person also,she is the one who become the best advisor when we are trying to ve instinct to do something that can break the rule..she also really good at pretend to be a 'mom"..unhabitual to weAR make now dy da maju coz da pandai pakai foundation.:D...very good at being a hicom owh..
undilahh dy..gogo fighthing! roomate yg plg 'hot' namely izzati...and can be count as our tour guide eventhough kteownk ta pnah hangout same2 agy coz dy asek balik je..=.='
dy lah yg memecah kan my record ngn amik mase 1hours untuk siap b4 g kelas...
she also fbholic hoh...
very good at acting,ckp je nak suruh acting watak pe..semua dy boleh redahh..
n dy gak sgt2 la tak saba nak pindah umah sewa time sambung degree t..=.='

no matter what..diaorang tetap sempoiii~~~
luckily de roomate macam diaorang...seimbang terus ekosistem..:D

ps:no need to wish thanks eah after diz?..:D

Friday, June 11, 2010

inter asasi championship english debate

suppose i post this post a few weeks ago,but ve to postphone till now...
but,i still wanna shared this 'astonished' experience..:D
but this is the most tough experience that i could face along this week..
wutz a tiring day..
most of my friends also withdraw because cant stand anymore..
first taim i m debating for a long duration..
debating about four different motion continuesly..
we cant bring any lappy or electronic devide for help us look for the addition imformations for our motion.

those motion was release half an hour before we have to debate..
*before this, a motion i was took time for 3weekz for preaparation.. T.T*

first round with motion THBT Uitm should lift banned on facebook..we was at the government side,and i was the prime minister and also the rebuttal..
we won for the first round..

after that, we had to back to the B4 and waitng for other team who havent fnished yet..

after that..second motion was release..
we still at the government side and the motion was THBT scurvy is beautiful..
and the position still same..i was the pm and the rebuttal..
we rather unlucky for this round bcoz we lost..

for the third motion..itz was really exausted..i cant stand anymore..
too much thinking make my nerves seem like wanna explode..
the motion released was THS sentences the death sentences to the porch..
eventhough we ve a lots of points,but we couldnt managed to expand that idea and give more im4mations about that..
for the second time,we defeated..

for the last motion,felt like my blood going bubbling..
a lot of things happen with my group..
at the end..we won for this round..

idun wanna describe more briefly anymore..
so sleepy woah...