Tuesday, June 22, 2010


this post is speacially created for my roomates..there are some of things that can be shared together..(act saje je  na buat diaorang fames sikit kan kat my blog..:P)
first of all..

my first roomate is..azizah or her commercial name given by izzati..jeje..
jeje is my clazmate merangkap penghuni katil yg tdo bwah my katil..dy garang..kadang2 blur..=.='...tiap2 pg bf dy akan kol..act..dat kol tu la yg jd alarm 4 pghuni bilik m10303 ni...every morning lahh akan dgq bunyi...."tiba2".....(me tataw pe lagu ringtone dy,tp lebih kurang camtulahh...:-X)sampe an,she not allowed to change her ringtone bcoz we already habituate ourself ngn dat ringtone to wake up every morning..:D

ain is my second roomate...still havent any saintific name but going to have it soon..
such as strict person also,she is the one who become the best advisor when we are trying to ve instinct to do something that can break the rule..she also really good at pretend to be a 'mom"..unhabitual to weAR make up...tp now dy da maju coz da pandai pakai foundation.:D...very good at being a hicom owh..
undilahh dy..gogo fighthing!

n...lastly...my roomate yg plg 'hot' namely izzati...and can be count as our tour guide eventhough kteownk ta pnah hangout same2 agy coz dy asek balik je..=.='
dy lah yg memecah kan my record ngn amik mase 1hours untuk siap b4 g kelas...
she also fbholic hoh...
very good at acting,ckp je nak suruh acting watak pe..semua dy boleh redahh..
n dy gak sgt2 la tak saba nak pindah umah sewa time sambung degree t..=.='

no matter what..diaorang tetap sempoiii~~~
luckily de roomate macam diaorang...seimbang terus ekosistem..:D

ps:no need to wish thanks eah after diz?..:D


Anonymous said...

hahha, malu la i ceni nyahh, nnt smua org tau i hot!

wAwA said...

correction ye makcik..
the way how to spell hot tu cmny..

-wAn- said...

wa, bile nk promote aq kt blog ko???

wAwA said...

wan:hoh?ko pown nak jugak?baya rm10..ots aq post specel tuk ko..:D