Friday, June 11, 2010

inter asasi championship english debate

suppose i post this post a few weeks ago,but ve to postphone till now...
but,i still wanna shared this 'astonished' experience..:D
but this is the most tough experience that i could face along this week..
wutz a tiring day..
most of my friends also withdraw because cant stand anymore..
first taim i m debating for a long duration..
debating about four different motion continuesly..
we cant bring any lappy or electronic devide for help us look for the addition imformations for our motion.

those motion was release half an hour before we have to debate..
*before this, a motion i was took time for 3weekz for preaparation.. T.T*

first round with motion THBT Uitm should lift banned on facebook..we was at the government side,and i was the prime minister and also the rebuttal..
we won for the first round..

after that, we had to back to the B4 and waitng for other team who havent fnished yet..

after that..second motion was release..
we still at the government side and the motion was THBT scurvy is beautiful..
and the position still same..i was the pm and the rebuttal..
we rather unlucky for this round bcoz we lost..

for the third motion..itz was really exausted..i cant stand anymore..
too much thinking make my nerves seem like wanna explode..
the motion released was THS sentences the death sentences to the porch..
eventhough we ve a lots of points,but we couldnt managed to expand that idea and give more im4mations about that..
for the second time,we defeated..

for the last motion,felt like my blood going bubbling..
a lot of things happen with my group..
at the end..we won for this round..

idun wanna describe more briefly anymore..
so sleepy woah...

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