Sunday, March 21, 2010

aku confuse!!!!!!!!

What a long time I didn’t my blog.. well…da situation didn’t allowed me to do so.. before this I was really bz wit my examination.. n now.. I m really free to do anything dat I want..
Diz is wut we called da moment we ve a lotz of things to do for sure in our mind echoing wit a lots of interesting activity which we passion to do…but..wen we got da free time…huuhhhh…I m really hope I can be like before…eventhough least I didn’t bowink wit my day…
Recently,I gt my spm result…but….diz such da bad xperience in my life bcoz I never xpectd my result going to be like matter wutz,I noe..i ve to accept all diz…nvermind lah..let bygone be bygone.the most important thing now,wut I m going to do wit my day then.
The most complicated things to do

I dun noe which course should I further my study den..
I really interested in law since I m in form3 after I joined my school debate team..
But,I didn’t gt full support to further my stdy in dat course…so,I didn’t take it serious until I gt my spm result..n now..wen I wanna choose dat course, I ve to think twice..
Eventhough my parent already gve their permission,but I ve to choose whether I ve to continue form6(my counselor said diz is da best way )asasi law or dip.

So,I ask my adopt bro opinion..he study in dat course in udm..n he said..better I tke stpm bcoz I juz ve to take diz 4 two years den can continue my degree..(but I dun wan to wear schooll uniform again..(T_T) senior also advised me to didn’t to do so)…dip took to long duration bcoz I ve to continue my study for 7 years if I wanna further my study till degree!!!!.....asasi is too danger…eventhough itz only take a short duration,but…if I didn’t achieve cgpa 3.0 I mght be spilled to other faculty to continue my dip…humm..diz is more wasting my age I think…so now….i dun noe wut I ve to do then…………hope I cn sttle diz prob s soon s possible!