Saturday, August 14, 2010

nice moments babe..~

last holiday,my roomie and i didn't came home because we decided to follow zt(my roomie the one who live in jitra) to return to her home. most momentous things, we went to alots of catchy places especially for bazar ramadhann..woah! the best!mouth watering food that can be found..maybe all of bazar ramadhan in jitra we already "tawaf"..:D

for the first day
5o/5o actually,i m not sure whether all of my romie going to follow zt going home because i m just going to follow the major decision decided.after all, ain had deciding that she going to follow us because all of her class had been canceled!!we r coming~~

after exuberantly packing our cloth,there were a few dramas happened because we have to leave our part time roomie..anis..

along de journey~

never forget to bring my mucuk~:D

after that, we having our first dinner wit zati'mum..
wutz a delicious char keaw tiaw!wish to ve it again..:D

for fes day fasting~
a quiet rushing because all of us wake up late,
zt'mum drove us to a restaurant..
all of us a quiet blur especially me..
after i finished my food..
i noticed something..something going wrong with my shirt..
fine..i m wearing a keel over shirt..congrats to myself..
fortunately juz my inner..=.='

mostly,we spend our time in jitra mall in evening,play bowling,karaoke, and shopping some stuff,after all , we back home and wait for azan..after dat, all of us went to mosque for terawih..indescribable experience..=)




other than that, we also make our own biscuit!zt'recipe!i dont know why but i m quiet addicted to that biscuit.luv it woahh.gonna try it at home next week..:D


besides that, we also went to zati'grandparent house..interesting experience bcoz i no longer have any grandparents, so, i felt like still have one when i come to her usually, all of us was tawaf each bazar ramadhan that we drop in our way to back to jitra..we want to look for 'perut sumbat',unfortunately, we did not found it..but it alright maybe next time we still have opportunity to look for it..>.<

wanna bring it back home..can i?>.<

alala..pakcik payung..*.*

i ve a lots of things to share actually,but i cant afford to go on because i felt like my metacarpal going to break soon.aha.lastly,thengs to izzati hassan for everythings ea..luv u~~(^_^)

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