Wednesday, August 25, 2010

maY i gt dE strengtH to gO through my 'wonderful' Days~

lastly,most of my complicated days done..for this week, it totally ostensible that it such a hard days that i had to go through before i can come home next week..
for last Sunday,i had to be prepared for MTC012 test which carried 10% for my final xam marks..

unfortunately,before my cough and my flu getting recover completely,my arm had be injured by charlie'acid. a kind of insect that had been leaved a burning effect at my arm and in fact,cause me to go through hard day to write because i m left handed girl. really felt ill at ease with that situation.

down in da dumps~

for prelude, i m quiet disappointed with my test because i m quiet stuck for a few moments. i m keep looking at my watch because i m trying to finish my essay as soon as possible. plus,i m trying to stand with pain of the charlie's effect at my arm when i bent my hand for writing.besides, i m quiet disappointed because i m too foccusing on legal rules of justice. memorizing a quiet numerous number of philosopher and just 2 philosopher for other legal concept but at the end the test didnt touch at all about the perspective about justice..huha..serve me right then,moral of the story, just focuss with all of the topic okay azwa?,i m going to appease with my mtc012 result then..

at night, i had forum which also brought a huge number of my final examination marks. okay, i just have opportunity to make the text, no time for memorize that text and i have to rush to the class because we are the first group. fortunately, our group got positive comment even though we quiet unsatisfied with our matter what, i m really grateful.thank to you guyz,im,jeje,lukman n mc and also,miss mas Aida..

then, i ve to face with csc134 test..frankly,i m quiet stress to study with that subject.. i m too worry with this subject till caused me to study hard on it,a day before i took dat test,i m keep memorize till i stuck and at the end..guess what?
i dont know what i had babbling in the answer sheet.btw, so sorry mr suhardi, huhu..i dont know what wrong with me in diz week..

for thursday, a day gradually better..for today, i ve to face with csc presentation with our project. again, we such the first group..well, im, i dont know why u really exuberantly ye?=.='..but, never mind, at least we felt relieve after we present it..

and now, for speaking test or group addition,listening test too..hopefully all of this test going to end successfully.btw, wanna wish go go chayok pl1e~

before i get symptom verbal diarrhoe, better i wish
HAPPY HOLIDAY N SELAMAT HARI RAYA~ and stop my writing.have a nice day~


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