Saturday, April 11, 2009

As introduction,I post diz post cause both of de galz who sit beside me,in addition to introduce myself cause dun ve any introduction about me before poyo name is Nurul Ain Shahira azwa,definitely rate of ur adrenalin increasing wen mention my name is it?=D ,juz kol me azwa or more scientific….
Z-ZANY..[not sooo….]
A-AFFECTIONATE..[pinas said..;p]…
on da contrary, I dun think so coz I m quite cruel person..i lurve to investigate bout sumthin which in my opinion rather unique n appealing for instance bout dead, biology become the most suitable subject for me..therefore,I study in 5sc1 in DARY,4 anybody who enthusiastic to do xchnge examination paper wit me,u all cme in da nick of time,I m really waiting 4 u all XD

,juz wanna give a reminder to my adorable buddies..dun try to said u all lost ur memory that we ll sit for spm diz year ea,so,esp to the galz second row at da front of 5sc1…we should pave the way to repent n should muck in to decrease our habit which too ‘shy’ in da class..[esp to FINAS N ARINA okay?..itz ok…dun worry ea..i forgive u sure I gonna doomed later on.
nevertheless,I luv u all.:P

Accordingly to ur idea to update 4 da post,I with exuberantly was done wit my neologism,dun try to tell me u were apathetic to do it also ea or I ll give some free sermon to u all along this year…itz really monstrous to make me like this.;p,u noe me,I m such vulnerable person,so I ll pay out with wut u ve done to me..[sound notorious je]…kaylah. Felt like my carpal bone gonna crack,anything unsatisfaction,itz still can be negotiable,come n c me later on...=D..c u den…adiossss~


-FiNaZ- said...

i can see someone mention my name... hu3..
huh?? did i too 'shy' in that class??? juz too diffident la..
ur carpals gonna broke? sorry, i dun have any plaster to cure u..

luv u too wa.. juz as my frenz k? dun want be more than that...

wAwA said...

haha..juz admit my dear...
i juz wan u to lend me ur hand wen i need sumtink..ahakz.. last u mention dat word to me