Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Holiday..does it give any meaning to me?huh..huwaaaaaaa….really tired to be a form five student..dun ve anytaim to spend my time for my favourite activities..class was too pack..i thought I can spend my taim to cleep for a long duration..unfortunately..itz was totally wrong cos wut apen to me was instead!!!ea..da conclusion is,during dis holiday I was attend to my tusyen clas..[eventhough 2 time I was escape from my clas]..complete my hw n dating wit my book..[ehm..ade ke ritu?..]..my addmath book was missing..[I m going to die if I cant found it on diz Monday]..complete writing 4 my seven essay..[my hand got parkinson after I finished it]..hum..sumtim to share bout my experience wit my fwenz wen we in our journey to returned home after we finished our tuition class in seri iskandar..

after finished our tusyen class..my fwenz n i[ngan pnuh semangat waja] were waiting for da bus at da bus stop…its was a rainy day..after we got our bus [after grew beard on our face cos ve to wait almost 40min 4 da bus to fetch us,uhh]…my fwenz n I come into da bus n looked 4 da most comfortable place to sit..i was prefer to sit in di middle of da bus..fortunately my clothes didn’t too wet cos da rain..[humm definitely didn’t wet..[dgn smgt ksukanan cover dr kene air ujan!!!..]..suddenly..wen I sat on the cushion in da bus…..huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!my jeans seem like I juz fall in da sungai Perak..really embrassing!!..but I dun mind cos other passengers also seem like dey were juz scuba in da rain….den my tusyen teacher was kol me to ensure we were returned home..without wasting anytaim..i was kol my mum to wait 4 me in bota…

After a moment..my eyes stoped at an auntie with her son….she was take off her sweeter n put on her son’s body…den her son was cry cos uncomfortable with their condition…again..da auntie was hug her son in try to make him sleeping in her hug..i was really touchng at da moment..i thought juz me realize about dad auntie,but,fatin also realize about dad after she ask me to look at de auntie..i cant control my to tear to come out..at last..it fall on my cheek.i jus remember at my mum at that time..when my bus was arrived in Bota,my mum already waited at da bus stop..as fast as lightning I was come to my mum n enter into da car..den I kiss my mum cheek..my mum look at me with weird sight..n ask me weather I fever or instead however…I just cn afford to say  I Love YOU MA….


akunina said...

wa..am i was with you on the rainy day?hurm..that day,we together went home by bus, and quickly ran towards umi when the lightning was only 2mters from us rigt??i cant forget that moment..haha

wAwA said...

ea...huaaa..really frghtned isn it..
dun wan to rmembr